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For more information, please visit the website of the municipality at: http://www.cjgiurgiu.ro

Giurgiu is a district in Romania with an area of 3526 km2 and a population of 298,242 people (2001). The administrative center is the town of Giurgiu. Giurgiu County is located in the Muntenia region, consisting of one municipality (Giurgiu), 2 self-governing cities (Bolintin-Valais and Mihaileshti) and 50 communes (small municipalities). The population of the district as of March 18, 2002 is 297,859 people, of which 88,537 people (29.72%) live in the cities and 209,322 people (70.27%) in the villages. The average density is 84.5 p/km2.

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