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The roads and streets, subject to traffic analysis and mapping of black spots / black locations, according to this project are the following:

  • County Road DJ 412A. A 36 km long second class road that connects two important road arteries of international importance and which is an important alternative route between Central Romania and the Romanian Black Sea coast, without passing through Bucharest and the surrounding busy roads. It is a tertiary road section that is insufficiently connected to the TEN-T network, and this affects competitiveness, mobility and creates traffic problems. The quality of the district road network is a major factor in attracting investment, and the regional road DJ412A has a partially degraded pavement, as the road has a variable width of about 5.50 – 5.80 m.
  • County road DJ603. It is located between the settlements of Comana and Naipu and connects DN6 and DJ411. Its length is 36.45 km, the average slope is 1.4% -1.5%. The road has a socio-economic character, providing the connection with the settlements along its route. The upgrade of DJ603 is part of the program for rehabilitation and development of the infrastructure of the general infrastructure and tourism.
  • County road DJ411. It connects the main road between Giurgiu and Bucharest – number 5 and road 5A. It is a parallel, alternative route on road number 4, which connects Bucuresti with Oltenita, but their importance as an alternative to the road connections between Bucharest and Calarash, as well as between Bucurest and the Bulgarian city of Silistra. The road is a considerable length of 69 km.
  • County road DJ507. A third-class road of local importance connects Giurgiu with several villages, for which, however, it is the only connection with the county town, which makes it so important for the region. Its length is 17 km. Ends at the town of Gostinu.
  • County road DJ413. The DJ413 ring road is 10 km long and provides a link between the national roads DN5 and DN41. The road is of local importance, but in combination with road DJ603 will provide an alternative.

All these roads are important as alternative routes and as options for faster or shorter access to certain points. The first-class roads in Giurgiu County are in good condition and it is the rehabilitation of these secondary sections that will ensure better transport connections in Giurgiu County with routes for crossing to the north – to the DN5A road.

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