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Administrative Territorial Unit Giurgiu County, as Lead beneficiary, in partnership with Byala Municipality, Ruse district, Bulgaria, is implementing the project “Improved nodes Giurgiu-Byala for better connection to TEN-T infrastructure” (22.08.2018 – 21.08.2021) “Îmbunătățirea nodurilor Giurgiu-Byala pentru o conectare mai bună la rețeaua infrastructurii TEN-T “), acronym B-TeN, e-MS code: ROBG-442.

The project is co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund under the Interreg VA Romania – Bulgaria 2014-2020 Program, Priority Axis 1: “A well-connected region”, Specific objective: “Improve the planning, development and coordination of cross border transport systems for better connections to TEN-T transport network”.


The general objective of the project is to improve the joint transport system through effective connection of Giurgiu and Byala communities with TEN-T core and comprehensive network.

Specific objectives of the project:

  1. Improve the transport infrastructure for better connection with core and comprehensive TEN-T networks to make transportations easier and safer for the users;
  2. Develop joint traffic management systems and measures for smart mobility in the cross-border area Giurgiu-Byala;
  3. Updating public experience and knowledge in the field of traffic safety measures in the cross-border area for better coordination of the transport systems.

The total budget of the project is:




contribution (EUR)


contribution (EUR)

Total Eligible (EUR)

1. A.T.U. Giurgiu County (LB)





2. Byala Municipality (PP)











The project activities are the following:


  • Project Preparation P
  • Project Management M: A1: Establishing of the joint management team – LB, PP (including external consultancy); A2: Conducting public procurement procedures for implementation,  investment and communication – LB; A3: Conducting public procurement procedures for overall management of the project – PP; A4: Ensuring integrated management and reporting – LB, PP
  • T1: Joint traffic management system: A1: Elaboration of the traffic management plan – PP; A2: Implementation of the joint traffic management system -PP and LB; A3: Awareness campaign for the traffic management system  PP and LB
  • T2: Integrated awareness system for traffic safety measures: A1: Black spot mapping and development of integrated awareness system in both communities PP and LB; A2: „How to improve the traffic safety measures within the Giurgiu Byala cross-border area?” – PP; A3: Traffic study and needs for road infrastructure development for the cross border area – LB; A4: Study – New approaches in the field of traffic management and traffic safety measures – PP; A5: Conference New approaches in the field of traffic management and traffic safety measures
  • LB – Rehabilitation of Giurgiu county road DJ412A Adunaţii Copăceni – Dărăşti Vlaşca – Novaci – Popeşti – Mihăileşti: A1: Development of the technical project; A2: Implementation of construction works; A3: Expert witness services; A4: Construction supervision

The road sector that is the subject of the project is 12,53340 km long, under the administration of the Giurgiu County Council. Of which 12,20426 km are located in the eligible cross-border area and 0,335 km, outside the eligible area of the program, as follows:

  • km 14+660 to km 20+288 (L = 5,62800 km) located in the A.T.U. Adunații Copăceni, Adunații Copăceni village and Dărăști Vlașca village, Giurgiu county, land registry no. 36739 – eligible sector
  • km 20+288 to km 20+623 (L = 0,33500 km) located in the A.T.U. Dărăști, Dărăști village, Ilfov county, land registry no. 51521 – ineligible sector
  • km 20+623 to km 27+193,40 (L = 6,57040 km) located in the A.T.U. Mihăilești, Novaci village, Popești village and Mihăilești town, Giurgiu county, land registry no. 37729 – eligible sector.
  • PP – Rehabilitation of streets in Byala Municipality: A1: Engineering the technical design services and works for rehabilitation and reconstructions; A2: Construction supervision for rehabilitation and reconstructions of streets in Byala Municipality
  • Communication C: A1: Start-up activities including communication s; A2: Publication(s); A3: Public Event(s); A4: Promotional material; A5: Digital activities

The B-Ten project is not only a project to modernize the transport infrastructure, it is also a project through which joint mechanisms Giurgiu-Byala will be created, which will improve the mobility and accessibility in the cross-border areas.

Thus, a common traffic management system for smart mobility will be developed in the Giurgiu-Byala cross-border area. Also, studies will be developed to improve traffic management, which will identify the need for road infrastructure development and traffic safety measures for better connectivity between Byala and Giurgiu, as well as of both partners in the TEN-T network.

In order to analyze and debate the results obtained through the studies carried out, as well as to ensure an optimal level of information among all stakeholders, joint conferences, workshops and public debates will be organized within the project, bringing together public authorities, entities active in the field of transport, as well as other stakeholders.

Contact information: Elena Nadia Coscai, assistant responsible for information and publicity, telephone: 0372 462 649, fax: 0372 462 651, e-mail: cjgiurgiu@gmail.com.

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